Synthesis Essay

We’re talking about synthesis essay and on a synthesis essay remember that it’s a lot like a thesis essay we’re coming up with a big idea that we’re trying to support but with synthesis we’re not just doing it with one text not just a novel not just a documentary we’re trying to take to text to things push them together and create a new idea that could not exist without both of them. Think about it like this class we talked about in class how a plus B equals C.

Within this improving class where you’ve got a and B we’ve got two separate things we want to put them together to get C if we take out B we’ve just got a equals C it’s not going to work you need both things think about it like a recipe right. We’re making a recipe and we’re following the recipe and we’re trying to make a king we see we’ve got flour eggs why don’t we got to smush all these things together and then BAM we bake it in the oven and out comes the cake if we all decided decide you know what forget the flour man I’m just using sugar and oil I don’t need flour when we try to bake the cake we’re going to get out of this very sweet very sugary eggy oily thing that tastes pretty disgusting and if we try to put frosting on that thing look it’s not going to be very good.

We’ve got to tap all of those ingredients put them together and then we get the synthesis really the result. With the synthesis essay with the BB and Emmanuel’s gift the documentary that’s what we’re doing to get there here’s an example we talked about this in class and you all came up with great examples in class on the blog I’ve got your examples posted but I wanted to make this video to just review. You could hear it from me again watch it you know a thousand times what one day when you get married you might want to read this article at your wedding and just you know just. You’re the bride and groom er who you know the other family the in-laws can hear what synthesis is and how beautiful and how awesome it is without further ado let’s jump in for an a in a manuals gift one of the big themes I think remember you’re going to come up with your own theme one of the big things I think one of the big of the documentary is heart matters more than physical abilities.

That’s a we’ve got in a manuals gift heart matters more than physical abilities that’s one of the big themes the thematic statements of that documentary is that heart matters more than all these physical abilities what you can or cannot do now we take a look at Habibi by night only she have nine I think one of the big themes from that book remember you’re going to come up with your own but this is an example a model I think one of the big themes themes from Habibi is this love overcomes differences made it love overcomes differences remember we’ve got homer and Liana these are two very different characters one is Jewish one is Arab American they fall in love it overcomes all those cultural religious differences their love is bigger than that. These are two big themes now synthesis see is not just the idea of Emmanuel’s gift nor is it just the idea of Habibi it’s taking both of those things putting them together to get a brand new idea that could not exist unless we had both of these ideas. When I look at these one of the things that comes to mind first is the following in an ideal Society what matters most is on the inside not the outside. In an ideal society what matters most is on the inside not the outside. When you think about these two words class the heart and love and mattering more than just physical abilities or overcoming differences here we’ve got them linked to the inside and here we’ve got the physical abilities or the differences linked to the outside. The big idea that we’re generating from these two very different mediums the documentary and the novel is this big idea in an ideal Society what matters most is on the inside not the outside now fish was my assay this was mr. Reynolds is si what I would then try to prove is how this hurt her Emmanuel’s gift his heart is bigger than the physical disability with the ability of just having one leg his heart is bigger than that and it enables him to actually do something greater than what the physical makeup of his body would suggest in a Beebe love overcomes these differences now I’m going to talk about that in both the novel and in the documentary but then after I do that here’s where synthesis different is different than just a thesis or just a regular essay or a compare and contrast in a synthesis essay. I’m going to say both of these things work together to show us that if we want to create an ideal Society if we want to create a better world like Emanuel is trying to do and Liana and Omer are trying to do if we want to make the world better then we’ve got to focus and see that what matters is more on the inside rather than the outside kind of like we talked about with our iceberg what matters is below the surface not always seen above the surface. This is the big idea I would then introduce both of these texts help us get there a B C.

We look at each text on its own we put them together we get a bigger idea that’s see that’s going to be my synthesis thesis statement for this essay. You can watch this many times on those snow day we’ve already had snoots two snow days this week class we have more snow days you might want to become an expert on synthesis just checking it out over and over again but at the very least this will be a reminder of what we did in class today you all came with great ideas you wrote your own synthesis statements and we’ll be working through the essay this week but just check it out if you need a reminder and we’ll go from there have a wonderful night class.

‘The Last Train Home’ is movie depicting a typical Chinese family

‘The Last Train Home’ is movie depicting a typical Chinese family in their rush to go back home for the New Year’s holiday. In the spring, china cites are thrust into confusion as 130 million-immigrant workers voyage to their home for the New Year. This is the world’s greatest movement of human, depicting how China is caught between an industrious future and the rural past. This movie is of a couple, Zhang Changhua and Chen Suqin from rural China who due to frustrations of joblessness travel to an industrial city leaving their two children behind with their grandparents. The only time the couple gets to see their children is during the annual celebrations of the New Year.  The director or the filmmaker follows the couple during the course of some years as they make the journey home, only to find out the family is falling apart. The parent and the children have become strangers after years of being apart, and the children have grown to despise their parents. Tie Xi Qu – West of the Track is a film that documents the inevitable death of a superseded manufacturing system. Tie Xi is a huge industrial complex northeast of China Shenyang province. The documentary was filmed in a period of two years between 1999 to 2001, documenting the last of the factory workers, a class that was once promised glory during the Chinese revolution. The workers are now trapped in a strange economic, making the documentary a moving film of the modern blockbuster. The documentary is a moving picture of Chinese society in transition. Although the China is the home of the tallest skyscrapers and the fastest economic growth, the films show the irony in this growth by depicting a society that is yet to experience the economic and technological changes. Continue reading