‘The Last Train Home’ is movie depicting a typical Chinese family

‘The Last Train Home’ is movie depicting a typical Chinese family in their rush to go back home for the New Year’s holiday. In the spring, china cites are thrust into confusion as 130 million-immigrant workers voyage to their home for the New Year. This is the world’s greatest movement of human, depicting how China is caught between an industrious future and the rural past. This movie is of a couple, Zhang Changhua and Chen Suqin from rural China who due to frustrations of joblessness travel to an industrial city leaving their two children behind with their grandparents. The only time the couple gets to see their children is during the annual celebrations of the New Year.  The director or the filmmaker follows the couple during the course of some years as they make the journey home, only to find out the family is falling apart. The parent and the children have become strangers after years of being apart, and the children have grown to despise their parents. Tie Xi Qu – West of the Track is a film that documents the inevitable death of a superseded manufacturing system. Tie Xi is a huge industrial complex northeast of China Shenyang province. The documentary was filmed in a period of two years between 1999 to 2001, documenting the last of the factory workers, a class that was once promised glory during the Chinese revolution. The workers are now trapped in a strange economic, making the documentary a moving film of the modern blockbuster. The documentary is a moving picture of Chinese society in transition. Although the China is the home of the tallest skyscrapers and the fastest economic growth, the films show the irony in this growth by depicting a society that is yet to experience the economic and technological changes. Continue reading